Chapter 19. Master/Slave operation & replication

Table of Contents

1. Native replication
2. Slave operation
2.1. Supermaster automatic provisioning of slaves
2.2. Modifying a slave zone using a script
3. Master operation

PDNS offers full master and slave semantics for replicating domain information. Furthermore, PDNS can benefit from native database replication.

1. Native replication

Native replication is the default, unless other operation is specifically configured. Native replication basically means that PDNS will not send out DNS update notifications, nor will react to them. PDNS assumes that the backend is taking care of replication unaided.

MySQL replication has proven to be very robust and well suited, even over transatlantic connections between badly peering ISPs. Other PDNS users employ Oracle replication which also works very well.

To use native replication, configure your backend storage to do the replication and do not configure PDNS to do so.