4. About PowerDNS.COM BV, 'the company'

As of 25 November 2002, the PowerDNS nameserver and its modules are open source. This has led to a lot of questions on the future of both PowerDNS, the company and the products. This FAQ attempts to address these questions.

Q: Is PowerDNS 2.9 really open source? What license?

A: PowerDNS 2.9 is licensed under the GNU General Public License version two, the same license that covers the Linux kernel.

Q: Is the open source version crippled?

A: It is not. Not a single byte has been omitted.

Q: Is the nameserver abandoned?

A: Far from it. In fact, we expect development to speed up now that we have joined the open source community.

Q: Can I buy support contracts for PowerDNS?

Sure, to do so, please contact us at

Q: Will you accept patches? We've added a feature

Probably - in general, it is best to discuss your intentions and needs on the (subscribe) mailing list before doing the work. We may have suggestions or guidelines on how you should implement the feature.

Q: PowerDNS doesn't work on my platform, will you port it?, Q: PowerDNS doesn't have feature I need, will you add it?

Be sure to ask on the (subscribe) mailing list. You can even hire us to do work on PowerDNS if plain asking is not persuasive enough. This might be the case if we don't currently have time for your feature, but you need it quickly anyhow, and are not in a position to submit a patch implementing it.

Q: Will PowerDNS Express be open sourced?

Perhaps, we're not yet sure.

Q: We are a Linux/Unix vendor, can we include PowerDNS?

A: Please do. In fact, we'd be very happy to work with you to make this happen. Contact if you have specific upstream needs.